Deploy HTML pages, static files and entire websites to the Bitcoin blockchain. Immutably preserved for an eternity.

On-chain websites

Rather than reinventing the World Wide Web, Preserve leverages the same battle-tested tools that have been powering the Web for the last 30 years.

This means everything youโ€™re already familiar with — domain names, human-friendly URLs and routing, machine readable and searchable documents — all works the way you expect it to, and is all accessed through your favourite everyday web-browser or device.

On the surface it is just the Web. But underneath, Preserve is Bitcoin!

Ultimate internet archive

Each file is a Bitcoin (SV) transaction - an immutable record that stays on the blockchain forever. Preserve also creates a unique sitemap transaction for every deployed revision, making it possible to observe the entire history of a website - down to every last change.

Global CDN

Preserve makes use of c:// content addressable files to map normal URLs to files on the blockchain. Each unique file has one universal reference, meaning it is never necessary for Preserve to publish the same resource more than once, and turning Bitcoin into a global CDN for everything.

How does it work

Website owners point their domain to a FB Agent node, and associate their domain with a Bitcoin address by creating a signed TXT DNS record.

Upon receving a request, the Agent can resolve the request host to a Bitcoin address and pull the latest sitemap from the blockchain. It is then able to map the request path to a c:// content addressable file and respond to the user request with the file.

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